Tuesday, May 09, 2006

School dinners

The wife and I were watching something about the total lack of any decent food that kids eat every day at school. Each meal served in schools in England costs 37p or less (about 50c US).

The food is so lacking in any nutrition, that is it actually contributing to kids not being able to concentrate or learn.

There is at least someone who wants to do something about this. Not the cost, but the quality of food eaten by our children. Jamie Oliver, “The Naked Chef” is on a mission!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Rock, Paper, Scissors"

I was wandering around a book store today, (something I like to do when I should be cleaning the house, or other such task) when I came across this book.
Now, I never would have believed that there was an actual strategy to playing "Rock, Paper Scissors".

Friday, April 28, 2006

Things not to say...

I thought I would post a few of my ideas about things that really shouldn't be said, or that are said at the wrong time.

You will need some background for this one. I work in a large call centre and so have to listen to a lot of people talking all day long.

Today's thing not to say is:

"I am going to throw this in the garbage and buy [one of your competitors] products instead".

If you say this we are just thinking "Thank God we don't have to talk to you and your moaning again".

Ups and Downs

I got a promotion at work today, so I am happy about that. Thing is though, I will be making less money. Strange how things like that work isn't it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bird on a wire

Took this last year while walking to work. The pictures isn't all that good, but I have since learned how to change the quality of my camera phone. I was told what bird it was, but I forgot now.

So this is my first posting on my new blog. What fun! I haven’t written in an online log for many years, so I am going to start nice and easy.

I called up the government (I know, what a waste of time hey) and when I finally got through the menu system and the phone is answered I hear “*sigh* Thank you for calling…..”

Now is it just me, or is that not how you want your call to start?